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We’ve all heard the hype: ‘you NEED to be facebooking, twittering, blogging and youtubing if your business is going to survive in the next five years’.

But spare a thought for the humble small business owner, generally a one or two person operation, maybe up to five….time poor, money poor (GFC?) and with little computer education let alone a working knowledge of the internet and social media. Twitter for Business

But with all the so-called ‘Social Media Guru’s’ out there who’s advice do you follow (even if you do have the time to invest in learning)…?

For many Brisbane Business owners Social Media is the bane of their existence, a necessary evil they HAVE TO DO… just because everyone else is doing it.  Yet, if they’re going to take time out of their busy schedule to ‘do’ Social Media how on earth are they going to make money from it, how are they going to get a return on their investment?

Social Media is full of wishy-washy slogans like ‘enter the conversation’, ‘meet customers on their terms’ and ‘let customers tell you what they want from your business’.  How is a Brisbane business owner to make sense of any of this, let alone make money for their business?

Twitter is a much talked about Social Media website yet it could be the undoing of many Brisbane business owners that dare to spend their days ‘tweeting’, re-tweeting, following and hash tagging.

Here are 4 reasons why Twitter is a waste of time for small business owners:

1.    Time – tweeting takes time, and what small business owner do you know that isn’t time poor?  If you had a few hours spare each week to tweet, there are better ways to spend it.

2.    Money – we’re all in business to make money, yet when it comes to social media a select few seem to know how to do.  We hear how Dell Computers made $4million on Twitter last year.  Is Dell a small business?  No.  They have a huge team whose sole responsibility is to perfect their social media.  But how is a time-poor small business owner going to make money from Twitter?  They could hire someone but at what hourly cost?  They have to make that back and more to make it even worthwhile.

3.    Lead Generation Strategy – for a small business to run smoothly they must have one or more lead generation strategies.  And when it comes to Social Media the same SHOULD hold true.  Yet the majority of small business owners use social media randomly – a tweet here, a post there – but where’s the system?  To make it work you need a strategy. Twitter is a place for you to build you ‘expert’ status.  Credibility which leads to expert status takes time and what small business owner has unmetered time?

4.     Customisation – Twitter allows you 140 characters per ‘tweet’. Sure, you can customise the picture on your profile, but who cares?  Twitter allows zero customisation to give your business profile an edge, nor does it offer opportunity to capture business leads.

For Brisbane small business owners who want a return on their Social Media investment they need a tool that can help them do that.  They need a system in place to get the results they’re looking for and it needs to run on auto-pilot the majority of the time.  If Twitter can’t offer this, what Social Media Site can? Social Media Courses Brisbane

The answer is Facebook.  Facebook ticks all the boxes that Twitter doesn’t.

With Facebook, Small Business owners can:
– invest little time, but with the RIGHT knowledge, can gain a financial return on the time they invest
– Invest little money aside from an upfront setup cost (assuming they hire an expert to set it up for them)
– Systemise a lead capture procedure that brings in qualified leads right to their email inbox
– Customise – as of March 10, 2011 Facebook offers customisation for anyone to insert a ‘mini-website’ within their Facebook Page which gives them full control over the content they place on their Facebook Page.

For Brisbane Small Business owners who want to learn PRACTICAL ‘How To’ information to help them generate leads and MAKE MONEY from Social Media, Social Media Expert Matt Adams conducts monthly ‘Facebook for Business’ workshops in Brisbane.

At his workshops Matt shows small business owners…

  • Why you should Profile your ideal customer (don’t enter Social Media BEFORE you do this)
  • The difference between a Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Business Page (this clears up a lot for Facebook ‘newbies’)
  • How to name your Facebook Page CORRECTLY (doing it the wrong way could ruin your entire Facebook Marketing Strategy)
  • How to claim your Facebook Address for your Business (Branded or Keyword?  You need to know the implications of both)
  • What to put on your Facebook Page and What NOT to (doing it the wrong way will REPEL customers)
  • Facebook etiquette – how to speak the language of Facebook to get the results you want.
  • How to post on your Wall to get engage with fans (without this you’re posts probably aren’t even showing up in their News Feed)
  • How to MARKET your Page to build your following and Generate REAL LEADS for your business (isn’t it time Facebook paid off for you?)
  • How to run specific campaigns on Facebook to get your fans to BUY FROM YOU

Social Media for Business Course Brisbane