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In this age of Social Media Marketing it seems everyone is getting on the bandwagon and anyone that has some level of knowledge of Social Media is running a workshop, seminar or webinar about how to use Facebook for Business or the more general topic of Social Media for Business.

Social Media Marketing being still in its infancy is a great unknown for many business owners.  And with this comes an opportunity for someone to say “I’m an expert, come and listen to me”. Social Media Keynote Speaker

For unknowing business owners it’s easy to be led by someone who appears to know more than you about Social Media Marketing.

And here is where the problem begins.

Here I’m going to outline the 3 types of Social Media Trainers and why you should only listen to Only ONE of them…

Social Media Trainer Type # 1:  “The Trainer”

This type of Trainer is one that stands up in front of audiences, either at their own workshops or at keynote presentations and talks the talk about what, why and how you should be ‘doing’ Social Media.

This type of trainer may have been facebooking, tweeting or youtubeing for the previous few years and suddenly decides that they can share this ‘knowledge’ of how to ‘do’ Social Media.

Typically their previous activity has been on a personal level, but may have involved some business Social Media activity.  They’re proficient in tagging, privacy settings, how to update profile photos, how to post, how to find various settings that control what appears on your Facebook Profile.

This type of trainer will have a wishy-washy slogan of some kind to help convince you (and themselves) that they’re the Social Media Expert to work with.  Their slogan will be something like ‘Meet your customers where they are’ or ‘it’s all about the conversation’.

They have little if any working knowledge of how Social Media can be applied to business to actually generate leads and make money.

If you come across this type of trainer you should walk away.  They’ll have you signing up for their ‘expert advice’ program that simply won’t provide you with a return on your investment.

They’re full of theories on how you should ‘do’ Social Media but they have no working knowledge of how it applies in the business world.

Social Media Trainer Type # 2:  “The Trainer and Consultant”

This type of trainer has slightly more knowledge on how Social Media can be applied to business.  They may have had their own business in the past either in consulting, business coaching or some type of sales role where they learnt to talk the talk.

Social Media Marketing ExpertThis type of trainer in addition to being on stage telling people how they should be ‘doing’ Social Media and why a Social Media Strategy is important also consults with businesses on a one-to-one basis charging exorbitant fees for their ‘expert knowledge’.

The consultant provides advice and ideas of what they believe will work based on what worked in previous job or businesses they were involved with in previous industries prior to Social Media coming along.

They have some working knowledge on systems and the importance of having a Social Media Strategy in place in addition to profiling your target customer.  They will no doubt provide you with a 30 page report that outlines this analysis and charge you a hefty fee for this report.

If you come across this type of trainer you should walk away.  How can they help you make money from Social Media if they’re simply providing you with untested theories adapted from previous businesses or job roles they were involved with?

Social Media Trainer Type # 3:  “The Trainer, Consultant and Implementer

This type of trainer is the one that walks their talk.  They have the actual hands on experience of setting up, implementing and managing Social Media Marketing Campaigns that actually produce a tangible result for a business, that being new business leads.

What savvy business owner would hire a Social Media Expert to implement a marketing campaign that didn’t produce a return on investment?

The savvy business owner knows that if they invest a thousand dollars on a marketing campaign that they need to make $1,000 + $XX for the venture to be worthwhile repeating. Social Media Marketing Trainer

The Implementer has gained 80% of their knowledge on Social Media from the physical implementation of Social Media Marketing campaigns for themselves or their clients.  Setting up, changing, tweaking and modifying a campaign UNTIL it produces the desired result for the client.

This is the ONLY type of Social Media Trainer that is qualified to teach you how to create a successful Social Media Marketing campaign for your business.

They can do this via examples of past and existing clients’ campaigns that they’ve implemented and achieved REAL results from.

In addition to the physical implementation of Social Media Marketing campaigns they can show you how to create a Social Media Strategy for your business, profile your target customer and market to them effectively.

They can educate you about how a brand can or should be implemented as part of a Social Media Marketing campaign and if and when this is the right course of action to take.

They can also show you how to ENGAGE with your fans in a meaningful way that provides real value for fans and gets them involved and WANTING to engage with you on your Facebook Page.

The Social Media Trainer, Consultant and Implementer is someone that can show you how to create the results your desire from Social Media and generate consistent leads into your business with less than half an hour per week required from you.
Matt Adams is a Social Media Trainer, Social Media Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Implementer of Social Media Marketing campaigns.  His company, Paradigm ProjeX provides PRACTICAL Social Media Solutions to business owners with a focus on Lead Generation. Social Media Keynote Speaker

Matt offers regular Social Media workshops, Social Media Seminars and Social Media Webinars in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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