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In today’s world, understanding Social Media Marketing is a must for any business looking to succeed.  Starting out fresh with no experience in this form of new marketing can be a daunting task, but any business owner can follow these simple tips to ensure Social Media success. Social Media Marketing Strategies Brisbane

First, understand the variety of Social Media websites available and pick a combination that suits your business.  This means developing a Facebook page, learning how to utilise Twitter, creating a blog, and finding an additional niche specific to the type of business being marketed.

This may sound a little complicated at first, but not if each task is broken down into sections, and worked on day by day. Don’t expect to be a master of each Social Media site at once – start with what will fit the business best and work on it for a specific amount of time each day.  Once one Social site is mastered, move on to the next.

But what Social Media tool is the best one for a business looking to bring in new customers? Facebook is the best starting point for any business, as most people who are Internet savvy have a Facebook account.  The debate over which site is better for businesses is endless, so cover all bases and take the time to develop a profile on both. It doesn’t matter which one is picked first, as the end goal will have several of them building to promote your business.  A simple way to use Twitter is to link it to your Facebook Page, allowing your Facebook ‘posts’ to appear as ‘tweets’ on Twitter, saving time and allowing for both pages to be updated at once.

When getting started on any Social Media platform, pay attention to developing a unique and captivating profile. Add a personalised photo so the customers and fans know a real person is posting – not a bot. That old saying about first impressions applies to the Social Media world as well; bland and boring pages that do not stand out from the crowd simply will not have the desired effect of bringing in new customers and retaining old ones. Creating a customised branded Facebook Page is highly recommended.

Reach out to other communities and get involved. The best advertisement for a new business can simply be posting insightful comments in the community. People will notice and want to hear more, which will add up to additional followers and fans.

Social Media Brisbane Marketing StrategiesAlways put forth captivating content and beware of repetition. Creating a solid following, whether it is on a blog on your website, Facebook, or Twitter, can only be possible if the content is relevant to its intended audience, and is unique enough to capture the reader’s attention. Be sure the content posted is original and fun, as potential followers will quickly click out of a post that sounds like something they just read.

Don’t just post content and expect great results. People want to know they are being heard, so reply to comments – whether through a generalised response or a specific comment that needs to be addressed immediately. This is the most important aspect of SM Marketing – real interaction with real customers and fans. A person who just talks without listening will eventually be ignored, and the same concept can be applied to the Social Media space.

Finally, time management is essential to successful Social Media Marketing. It’s all too easy to get caught up with debates on twitter, or responding to Facebook comments. Utilising a service like Hootsuite that allows you to create multiple posts and schedule them throughout the day can save time and helps reduce spam posting, which can negatively impact followership. Set a time limit for each social site and stick to it; this tip will allow for prioritising what gets posted, responded to, or tweeted.

Don’t be afraid of Social Media Marketing; embrace it. The potential for profit optimisation and customer satisfaction is simply too great to ignore this wonderful tool for businesses.

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