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For years running a business was relatively simple – you had a store or office, went to work each day, kept everything running, printed flyers or brochures to promote your business and used your profits to pay your employees and expenses.  Social Media Marketing Brisbane Company

“To do business in the 90’s you needed a Fax machine and a newspaper ad, to do business in the 2000’s you needed a website and a mobile phone.  To do business in this decade you need a Blog and Social Media.” Matt Adams, Social Media Expert.

With the advent of computers and the internet things have changed dramatically and if you want to build a presence online then social media really is that important.

Today’s Businesses
These days it’s very easy to start a business. In some cases (depending on the type of business it is), you can be up and running on the net in a couple of hours and many of today’s businesses are run solely online. For many small business owners, an online business is a fantastic way to build their business, while keeping overheads low. E-stores for example, allow people to store all their stock at home and employ maybe one or two people to arrange packaging and postage – far cheaper than renting a warehouse and an office for admin staff.

In today’s tech-savvy world it pays to use as many outlets as you can to build an online presence. Whether you want to believe it or not, the majority of your customers, clients and competitors are online and unless you’re there too, you’re losing money.

Why You Need Social Media
Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube give you the opportunity to reach a greater audience and to connect with your customers and clients in ways that simply weren’t possible ten years ago.

We all know that creating and maintain relationships with customers is the key to a successful business but prior to Social Media we had only distant tools to maintain and build these relationships.  In the past we’ve had the phone, recently email and text messaging but these are one-to-one communication mediums.  With Social Media we can still have this one-to-one conversations but now we INVOLVE others in the same conversation.  This is very powerful from a marketing perspective.

We know that we are more likely to purchase something if it’s recommended by a friend rather than if we simply saw an ad on TV or in the newspaper.  With Social Media, you have recommendations in so many different ways.

Social Media Marketing Expert BrisbaneBy combining your website with a Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, Blog and information-rich articles, you can not only increase the number of people who know about your business but provide them with information, discounts and promotions that you can’t do with print media. And with Social Media the cost is simply your time, unless you’d like to run Pay Per Click marketing campaigns (which you should).

With Social Media, you can connect with customers and clients all over the world. From promoting your business and selling products to finding new clients, Social Media can put the world in your hands with the click of a button. And sites such as Facebook allow your customers and clients an opportunity to communicate with you, no matter where you are.

The Time Is Now
If you’ve been putting off using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or a Blog, you are reducing the opportunities you have to reach your customers and clients. There are still many businesses without websites, which not only makes it difficult for people to find them but drives people to their competitors. By creating an online presence you will increase your availability to your customers and be a greater competitor to your competition.

Don’t let your competition take away your business. Use Social Media to its fullest to create an impact online and increase your presence to customers old and new. If you want your business to survive in today’s technological world you need to be where your customers are – online and on Social Media networking sites. Increase your presence and your business, and start your Social Media marketing campaign today.

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