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Marketing on Twitter BrisbaneTwitter is a unique social media platform, and while it may take a while to understand, once you know the benefits and how to access them, Twitter can be a rewarding social media for business platform.

Twitter allows you to post up to 140 characters. It is all about fast and concise information that flows in a continuous feed. The no-fuss approach of this social media platform is highly effective, so don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

1. Business networking on Twitter

Twitter is all about interacting. Find people with similar interests to you or complimentary businesses to yours, and start the conversation. You can easily send tweets to people all around the world, including celebrities and CEOs. This is your chance to get involved, strike up meaningful conversation, and then over time develop the relationship over other social media platforms, or face to face.

2. Direct message on Twitter

If you have something private to say, don’t forget that you can direct message someone, rather than tweet to them publicly. This is certainly a more personal approach, but remember that some people get a lot of direct messages. If they don’t reply they may not have seen it, so try again, or use another communication method.

3. Search, search, search

The great thing about Twitter, is that everyone is on it. This means you can find personalised information on niche subjects, or locate other people who are interested in the same unique things that you are. Get creative with the Twitter search, and look for recent tweets that are related to you and your business.

4. Market research

Market research ten years ago was a lot harder than it is today. The real-time and accurate portrayal of feelings, ideas and opinions, via social media, is valuable for all businesses. You can use Twitter’s statistics and individual tweets to conduct your own market research campaigns. There is a whole world out there, and the information about the people in our world is found online, through social media sites, like Twitter.

5. Keep in touch

Twitter is not only about new people. Twitter can help you retain and maintain contact with colleagues and clients that you have established relationships with already. When you update your business contacts database, ensure that you collect social media data. Start searching for and adding people that you know on Twitter, and make an effort to tweet to them occasionally.

6. Re-tweet and favourite

People love to feel loved. Show that you respect or appreciate someone by favouring or re-tweeting their tweets. They will notice your efforts and they will feel good about themselves. This is one strategy to develop social media for business relationships over the Twitter platform.

7. Link to your blog

If you have a blog, this is the perfect way to share it and increase your traffic. Post a link to it via Twitter, and choose a title that is interesting and engaging. You should be able to track the traffic from Twitter to your blog, and you’ll soon find out how many of your followers are interested in what you have to say.

How to gain Twitter Followers Brisbane8. Attract targeted followers

While you can easily ‘purchase’ Twitter followers, the real power comes from developing a list of followers that is targeted to your unique needs and interests. Start searching for people that fit your business networking profile, and add them on Twitter. Get the conversation going, and then add more. You may need to delete some after a while if there is no interest, but through this process you will gain meaningful online connections.

9. Add your Twitter name, to everything

Do you have a business card? Add Twitter to it. Does your e-mail have a signature? Add your Twitter to it. Meeting a new client? Swap Twitter details. Remember that online and offline relationships are merged, and the more you publicise your social media for business profiles, the more rewards they will bring to you.

10. Extend the conversation

Relationships on Twitter don’t need to stay on Twitter. You may need to develop a relationship for a while on Twitter first, but if you are having some interesting conversations, seek the same person out on other platforms. Remind them that you met them on Twitter, and add them on Linked In and Pinterest, or like their Facebook for business page. Social media can be what you make of it, so explore the benefits and get the conversation started.