SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which uses various tools and techniques to improve the organic or non-paid search rankings of your website.

SEO gurus and blogs can help you improve your website ranking and traffic through their expert tips, advice and case studies.

Online businesses want to get to the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) because more than 75% of Internet users don’t bother with second page results.

On the first page, 62.66% of click-throughs are experienced by the first 3 websites. The drop-off between rankings in the first page is quite significant. The 10th place website only gets 2.97% of the click-throughs.

If you want to stay ahead in the race for search rankings, your SEO game must be on-point.

Regardless of the type or size of your company, whether it’s a SAAS business, e-commerce, B2B or B2C, getting SEO right the first time can almost make or break your business.

We’ve created this list of the 8 top SEO gurus with blogs that you should follow ASAP. They are not just experts on SEO. They understand the most important factor in SEO – people.

These SEO gurus will give you valuable insights and information to know what your audience is searching for online; the keywords they are using to find the answers they seek, and the type of content they want to consume.

Make sure to bookmark their websites on your smartphone and PC. Reading their content is a great – and productive – way to enjoy your downtime.

SEO Experts & Gurus You Need To Follow

Backlinko is company that offers online training courses on SEO. It was established by Brian Dean in 2013; 1 year after setting up his first successful online venture, a personal finance website.

Brian had previously failed in his first 5 online ventures. He attributed the success of his personal finance website to the correct application of white hat SEO techniques.

Since then, Brian had sought to learn more about SEO but was disappointed with most of the content available on the Internet. He decided to create an online course about SEO based on what he knew and his understanding of how the process helped websites move up the search rankings.

That first online blog, “SEO That Works” was a massive success which led to the publication of “SEO That Works 2.0” and the founding of Backlinko.

With Backlinko, Brian provides marketers practical, actionable, and easy-to-understand SEO strategies to apply to their online business. The results of Brian’s methods have resulted in Backlinko becoming a 7-figure earning business.

Backlinko has been featured by many prominent business publications such as Inc., Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, and Brian counts Apple, Disney, IBM, and Amazon among his email newsletter subscribers.

Neil Patel is a prolific blogger whose blogs generate 2.3 million unique visitors every month. Neil is a self-taught digital marketer. He started learning the different processes and techniques of online marketing when he was only 16 years old.

Today, Neil is the owner of 4 highly-successful online businesses that provide courses on SEO and digital marketing – Crazy Egg, KISSMetrics, Hello Bar, and Neil also created Ubersuggest, a free online tool for keyword research. is an online business consultancy company that teaches marketers and entrepreneurs different SEO techniques to drive more traffic to their website and improve their search ranking.

Neil provides visitors of the website access to various tools they can use to enhance their SEO strategies such as SEO Analyzer, Ubersuggest, A/B Testing Calculator, and Backlinks.

Typical of Neil’s websites, is loaded with useful content. You can find useful articles on boosting your website speed, Facebook marketing hacks, and of course, how to move up the search rankings.

Neil’s clients are a who’s who of the business world: Amazon, NBC, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, and Viacom.

In 2016, Neil wrote his first book, “Hustle: The Power to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum”. The book was on the bestseller list of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and IndieBound.

Neil was included in the prestigious list “Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 30” during the term of President Barack Obama.

Likewise, the United Nations included Neil in its list of “Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 35” and was awarded Congressional Recognition by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Search Engine Journal is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to become proficient in SEO. The site offers SEO courses for beginners and experienced marketers. Search Engine Journal also provides instruction on PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Loren Baker is the founder and co-owner of Search Engine Journal. Loren also sits as an advisor at Alpha Brand Media and manages a digital marketing company called Foundation Digital. He and CEO/co-owner Jenise Uehara Henrickson launched Search Engine Journal in 2003.

Search Engine Journal is the culmination of Loren’s expertise in SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Entrepreneurism.

The site is rich in content. You can find blogs about SEO and its various strategies such as link-building, content creation, search marketing, search snippets, and information on the best SEO software and tools you can use.

In addition to the blogs, you can also access Search Engine Journal’s webinars, podcasts, and e-books. The site also gives visitor’s regular updates on Google’s ever-changing search algorithm.

Search Engine Journal’s team of writers which consists of in-house and independent online marketing experts, regularly publish articles on the latest trends and inform readers of breaking news and developments.

Search Engine Journal has been featured a number of illustrious sites such as CNN, PCWorld, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch,, AllTop, Mashable, AdWeek, Drudge Report, Forbes, Engadget, and the Huffington Post.

Search Engine Watch is a website that provides entrepreneurs, marketers, and the casual reader useful information about SEO. Through the site’s insightful blogs, you can learn a wide variety of SEO techniques to help give your website a boost in the search rankings.

Search Engine Watch was the by-product of a complaint launched by a client who was furious that his website could not be found in WebCrawler and demanded an answer.

The response was presented in the form of a working paper, “A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines”. The study presented a comprehensive explanation why a website by itself is not enough; to be found on the Internet, its content must be optimized.

In 1996, Search Engine Watch was established by Danny Sullivan as a website that expanded the information given by “A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines”.

Search Engine Watch is a valuable reference for everything related to digital marketing. Other than SEO, you can also read up on PPC, data analytics, social media, mobile technology, local area marketing, video optimization, and content writing.

You can access blogs, white papers, reports, and stay updated on breaking news and developments on SEO, digital marketing, business, and technology.

Search Engine Watch was sold to Bienheim Chalcot in 2015.

Matt Cutts, formerly of Google has labeled Search Engine Watch a “must read” while Yahoo’s Tim Meyer caller the site the “most authoritative source on search”.

If you are an entrepreneur learning SEO for the first time or an experienced marketer who wants to find out the newest ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm, Search Engine Land is the place to go.

Search Engine Land is a treasure trove of information for all things related to digital marketing and SEO.

Browse through the website’s menu and you will find valuable content on how to maximise returns on your SEO strategy, tips and tricks on creating effective PPC ads, ways to improve email marketing, and other golden nuggets of digital marketing wisdom from the most brilliant minds in the industry.

The site provides readers with daily updates on breaking stories, developing trends in SEO, and the latest news from the movers and shakers in business and the marketing world.

Search Engine Land also gives you access to its comprehensively-researched white papers, research reports, e-books, and highly-popular webinars. Search Engine Land is a regular participant at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conventions which are held annually in the United States and London.

The company was founded by marketing experts, Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman.

Sullivan is a journalist and marketing analyst who followed the growth of digital marketing since 1996. In addition to being the founding editor of Search Engine Land, Sherman is also involved in the management of the SMX conventions. is a site that specialises in everything related to SEO. Its founders, Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig started Moz in 2004 with the goal of simplifying the concept of SEO for entrepreneurs, marketers, and the everyday person who wants to learn everything important about optimisation.

Moz was launched as a community blog site called SEOMoz where industry experts on digital marketing and search optimisation were invited to share their knowledge and experience to readers.

From publishing many of the industry’s more comprehensive and insightful articles on SEO such as the “Beginner’s Guide to SEO” and a white paper called “Search Ranking Factors”, Moz slowly evolved to creating tools designed to make an SEO strategy more effective.

You can access these SEO tools at their website – Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, Moz Bar, My Online Presence, Domain Analysis, and Location Audit.

After receiving Series B funding from The Foundry Group, Moz expanded its scope to include inbound marketing, the process of enticing followers by consistently producing fresh, useful, informative, and engaging content.

With the additional capital, Moz acquired an analytics tool designed by Twitter called Followerwonk and another SEO tool, GetListed.

Rand Fishkin currently sits as the CEO of Moz. He is widely recognized as a leading authority in SEO. In 2009, Businessweek included Rand in its prestigious list “30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30”. Rand has also been featured in Newsweek, the New York Times, and Seattle Times.

Gillian Muessig is also the founder of Outline Ventures Group, a company that helps CEOs develop a productive culture in their organization. She is also an adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Search Engine Roundtable is exactly what it is – a virtual roundtable discussion involving the best minds in SEO and SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

You can access informative and useful content on the site from various sources such as blogs, white papers, research papers, and curated articles. Search Engine Roundtable also allows you to search the Internet for chat forums dedicated to SEO and SEM.

Contributors to Search Engine Roundtable are encouraged to expand the boundaries of the discussion and introduce new concepts and specialisations in the field of SEM.

The site makes an effort to search the Internet for resource persons who can share valuable information on SEM. The goal of Search Engine Roundtable is to create a one-stop information centre on everything related to search.

Search Engine Roundtable has been the recipient of several industry awards. These awards include “10 Best SEO Blogs” from, “2007 Best SEO Blog” and “2007 Best Search Conference Coverage” from Search Engine Journal, “2006 Reader’s Choice Best SEO Blog” from Marketing Sherpa, and “2006 Best SEO Blog” from KBC Café to name a few.

Search Engine Roundtable was founded by Barry Schwartz in December 2003. Barry is a blogger who constantly writes about SEO and SEM. He is also an editor for Search Engine Land and the CEO and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a web development company.

Barry has been invited as a resource person on Internet Marketing by NBC Nightly News and USA Today. His interests outside Search Engine Roundtable include organising the SMX convention in Israel.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google, the Internet’s largest search engine, created Google Webmaster Central Blog as a resource for business owners who are looking for ways to improve the search ranking of their websites.

Subscribers to Google Webmaster are given access to its toolbox that includes Search Console, Webmaster Troubleshooter, Page Speed Insights, and tools for testing website data and mobile responsiveness.

Google Webmaster Central Blog is the site’s primary hub for providing useful content on SEO, digital marketing, business, updates on Google’s search algorithm, technology, breaking news, and trending developments in the world of marketing.

Google Webmaster Central Blog features well-researched and highly-comprehensive articles dealing with various issues on SEO and digital marketing.

Google will share useful tips on improving site speed, the proper use of structured data, effective content creation techniques for blogs and videos, the correct use of snippets for search engines, and an FAQ section featuring the most common inquiries from site users.


Whether you’re a business owner, an SEO freelancer or SEO agency looking to improve your knowledge of SEO to increase your website ranking in google and other search engines, the SEO gurus and blogs we’ve listed above are the only places you’ll need to visit to get the best information and advice.

These SEO gurus and blogs are constantly testing and measuring various SEO techniques and strategies to keep pushing their website traffic and rankings higher.

Given the speed of change within the SEO field, signup to their email newsletters to receive their latest updates, tips, learnings and advice so that you can make changes quickly on your own website to keep improving your own rankings and traffic!