Best Practise SEO For SAAS Websites With a Specialist SAAS SEO Expert
[How To Rank Quickly, Get Traffic And Convert More, B2C & B2B]

Working with a top SAAS SEO specialist is the fastest way to get rankings, traffic, leads and customers for your SAAS company.

Whether its B2C SAAS SEO to gain new subscribers or B2B SAAS SEO to attract more inbound leads, start more conversations, book more appointments and convert more prospects… an effective, sales-focused SAAS site optimization guru can help you realize your sales targets sooner.

Why sales-focused?

Because SEO without sales expertise and deliberate strategies isn’t ‘true’ optimization.

SEO for SAAS organizations is actually very simple, although many so-called ‘gurus’ (even if they’re working in a specialist SAAS SEO agency) will make it more complex than it needs to be.

The fact is, you can rank faster, get more traffic and attract more leads and sales quickly and easily when you know the best SAAS SEO hacks, combined with a sales mindset and growth marketing foundation.

And in this article, I’m going to explain how.

I’ll be going through…

  • Content Marketing For SAAS Websites (Including On-Page SEO)
  • How To Get Backlinks For a SAAS Site (Off Page SEO)
  • Ways To Improve SAAS Website Rankings
  • How To Boost Traffic To Your Site
  • Ways To Promote a SAAS Business By Leveraging SEO Content
  • Best Practise Technical SEO For SAAS Websites

Let’s get into it…

SAAS SEO Experts

SAAS SEO Expert, Matt Adams

On-Page SEO:

How Do SAAS SEO Freelancers And Agencies Optimize Pages And Posts?

On-page SAAS SEO is a crucial part of SEO success for your brand, and it’s easier than you think.

On-page SEO involves three equally important parts:

1) Homepage – the most important page on your entire website. Should you use it for conversions or for SEO rankings and traffic? Or both?

The structure and content of your homepage can almost make or break your SEO efforts, so it’s important to get it right (and ensure it converts prospects into customers too).

SAAS SEO Freelancers

2) Pages – your website’s pages should be used primarily as sales pages/landing pages (as well as the obvious ‘admin’ pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc).

3) Posts – these are your SEO gold nuggets that will boost your rankings, beat out competitors and draw-in your ideal prospects… if they’re done right.

The fact is, most SAAS businesses create the wrong content, target the wrong keywords and structure their blog posts the wrong way… then wonder why google doesn’t rank their website.

Let’s get into some Q&A’s about on-page SEO.

What content should a SAAS SEO agency focus on to grow your organic site traffic?

The content a SAAS SEO consultancy should create for your site is a combination of ‘high buyer-intent’ lead -generation articles, backlink ‘honeypot ‘articles, listicles, and more… depending on what your priorities are over the next 12 months (ie. Generate leads, attract backlinks, etc).

Most SAAS SEO consulting companies unfortunately miss the mark by focusing on the wrong keywords that bring traffic, but not necessarily ‘buyer traffic’.

Without sales experience, it’s just difficult for SEO’s to truly understand buyer psychology, the customer’s internal conversation, speaking to the various personality types, pre-empting objections and sales resistance and the overall SAAS customer journey with SEO.

How long should blog articles be in order to rank high in search engines?

The length of your SAAS blog post articles will depend on the type of post you’re creating (lead generation, backlink attraction, industry networking, side-door-selling, etc).

Your article content length could be as short as 2000 words and others could be as long as 10,000 words to cover the topic in full and add value to readers (your prospects).

When can we expect to see results from newly published optimized blog posts?

You can expect to start seeing results with a newly published SEO’d blog post from around four months from the date of publishing.

At around the four-month mark, google will start to rank the article for some keyword searches and based on user-interaction from those article visits, will either continue to rank your site for other searches users type into google, or you’ll be down-ranked if user-interaction is poor.

As part of our overall SAAS SEO guide that we work to with clients, this first four months is a psychological barrier to SEO for some company founders or marketing managers who want leads and sales yesterday.

But 4 months is a short ‘pregnancy’ in the grand scheme of things, especially when the birth of your SEO plan and subsequent growth years is so lucrative when it’s done right.

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For our SAAS content strategy, how often should we publish blog posts?

A solid content strategy for SAAS should be created in relation to your growth plans and need for rankings, traffic, prospects, new user trials, sales projections/goals, leads and ultimately new paying customers.

A good timeline to work to as a minimum is to publish one high quality blog post per week.

You may choose to write small ‘filler’ posts if you’d like to have a busy blog with lots of content, but in terms of high quality optimized blog posts, one per week is ideal, or two per month as an absolute minimum.

So if you’re wondering how to generate leads for SAAS, start with quality content writing that is properly targeted, properly optimized and published consistently.

What keywords will SAAS SEO experts we hire start to rank our site for?

The keywords a SAAS ranking specialist will rank your site for (if they’re any good) will be high buyer-intent keywords because these are the keywords that will result in signups, trials, leads, sales, revenue and MRR for your business.

The keywords and related topics will of course be in alignment with your overall SAAS marketing SEO plan, brand promotion and target market(s).

If you’re a SAAS startup and you’d like to boost new user subscriptions, targeting ‘high buyer intent’ keywords is especially crucial so that you get a faster ROI on your SEO.

As an example, if you’re a movie streaming SAAS startup, targeting a keyword like ‘best movie streaming service’ will help you draw in your ideal prospects to convert them into subscribers, because someone typing in that keyword is comparing movie streaming services in order to decide which one to sign-up to.

Should we target short-tail or long-tail keywords?

Whether you target short-tail keywords vs long-tail keywords will depend entirely on your current website Domain Authority (DA).

The reason is, to target short-tail keywords (of 2-3 words) you’ll need a high domain authority to be able to actually get your site ranking high for such keywords because they’re so competitive.

SEO for SAAS startups that have a brand new or near-new website for example; their only choice is to target long-tail keywords because this is all they can rank for in the short term.

In a year or so when your website’s DA is above say 30, you can start to go after the competitive, short-tail keywords.

So for new or near-new websites, SEO is a fantastic go to market strategy for B2B SAAS (as well as B2C) but it has to be done right to ensure you actually get traction in the short-term which will provide the ‘proof’ that SEO is working for you, then you can expand from there.

Our website is relatively new. What would a SAAS SEO advisor focus on first to get ranked sooner?

Getting credible SAAS SEO advice for a new website is crucial and one of the most important pieces of advice is to focus on creating high quality SEO’d articles that add value for your target market.

Because if you chase backlinks, who’s going to link to you if you have no valuable content to link to?

Also, you want to start building trust with google, and the best way to do that is to build out your site with valuable content that is properly optimized.

Our website’s Domain Authority (DA) is low. Should we get backlinks or publish content to increase traffic and grow our DA?

You should always focus on content to build your DA first and foremost because people will only link to you if your content is valuable, interesting, unique, etc (assuming you’re doing the right thing and only seeking legitimate links to your site).

And by focusing on content you get the double-effect of increasing rankings, traffic and leads through quality, optimized content, while increasing the likelihood of people linking to you willingly and naturally because of your quality content that adds value to their audience.

How much does SAAS content writing cost?

A native-English speaker/writer who writes specialist SAAS SEO articles could charge anywhere from USD$.20 (20 cents) per word up to USD$0.50 (50 cents) per word depending on their expertise and work history.

If your target customers are native English speakers it’s essential to hire a native English writer. This will save you countless hours of frustration in avoiding endless re-writing of content.

Industry experts offering SEO consulting for SAAS companies will all attest to such challenges.

Also, remember to take into account the babysitting factor.

The cheaper the writer, generally the more they need to be babysat… which ultimately takes up more of your valuable time.

Content marketing for SAAS should be simplified as much as possible to ensure you can scale quickly, get rankings and dominate your market, and it all starts with a solid, reliable, credible writer.


How Do SAAS SEO Consultants And Agencies Get Backlinks To SAAS Websites?

High quality backlinks for SAAS websites can seem like the Holy Grail when it comes to SEO.

High Domain Authority (DA) links have an almost mythical status which has almost ‘brainwashed’ website owners to the point where they’ll do almost anything to get backlinks.

(And SAAS SEO consultancies can often be guilty of over-emphasizing the acquisition of backlinks at almost any cost too).

Obsessing over backlinks is where many website owners go wrong with SEO; because of an almost insane desire for backlinks they actually risk their website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines by buying links/paying for links.


Why is this such a risk?

Simply because you could be slapped with a website penalty that drops your site completely out of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

What are the best backlinks for SAAS website SEO?

The best backlinks for SAAS websites are those that are gained organically (legitimately).

A backlink from a website with a DA of 20 is better than a link from a website with a DA of 80 that you paid for.

Doing honest SEO is the best thing for the long term success of your business.

And when considering SAAS SEO companies to work with, be sure to check in-detail about what their ‘real’ plans are to get backlinks to your website.

Many agencies and freelancers run Private Blog Networks (PBNs), which is a network of niche-websites that they own and operate.

They have the websites hosted with multiple hosting providers worldwide in an attempt to hide the fact that the domain names and websites are owned and operated by the same company.

PBN’s are against google’s webmaster guidelines and therefore having your website link on one of these websites puts your website at risk of a penalty (google will figure it out eventually).

Such SEO companies or freelancers place a link to your website on one or more of their PBN websites that they own in order to get you ‘fast results’.

But it’s a complete illusion.

The other worst-case-scenario with working with agencies or freelancers that run such unethical operations is that if you ever decide to stop working with them, they’ll simply delete your link(s) off their websites, thereby reducing any positive backlinking or ranking effects that you were receiving in the short term, essentially making the entire engagement with them a complete fraud.

A true SAAS backlink expert therefore will ensure you only obtain links naturally through PR coverage, industry connections, relationships with journalists and from other website owners that choose to link to you because of your high quality content that adds value to their target market.

How can we get links on tech sites like Wired, TechCrunch, etc?

You can get links on tech sites by creating high quality content, interesting content or controversial content and submitting a press release to several tech sites.

Building a SAAS business is about building relationships (as well as expert SEO and marketing) and some important relationships will be with industry commentators, journalists and editors of well-known industry publications.

If you end up working with a SAAS SEO guru, they may already have existing connections to journalists and online publications that you can leverage.

Should we hire an independent SAAS SEO specialist to do email outreach to gain backlinks?

You could get a freelance SAAS SEO consultant to do email outreach to gain backlinks depending on your budget.

If you have say $20,000 per month to allocation to SEO then it’s worthwhile doing both on-page SEO and off-page SEO at the same time.

If you have less than $20,000 per month to spend I’d recommend focusing entirely on creating amazing content that people will find and VOLUNTARILY link to because it adds so much value to their audience.

The fact is, email outreach is hit and miss, even for an expert in SAAS SEO.

Almost 100% of website owners you reach out to will ask you to pay them to link to you. The problem here is that they’re likely doing the same with others that are emailing them.

So it’s just a matter of time before google works out that they’re selling links and will penalise them and all sites they’re linking out to.

You don’t want one of those sites to be yours.

Is video SEO good for SAAS sites?

Yes, video SEO is great in terms of growth hacking for SAAS sites providing the video content is ‘evergreen’.

A well-optimized video with evergreen content can act as a silent salesperson for your business for years to come.

You can even recycle your blog article content to use for video creation in order to support or boost the article’s rankings too.


Should we buy backlinks for SAAS SEO?

No, you should never pay for links, EVER.

This puts your website in breach of google’s search guidelines and at risk of a website penalty.

It’s not worth it.

Do the right thing and earn backlinks organically to stay on the right side of google and other search engines.

How can we get high DA backlinks?

You can get high DA backlinks by creating high quality content that people WANT to link to or by a number of other methods including email outreach, PR, broken link building, unlinked mentions and image marketing.

The SAAS SEO contractor you work with can do email outreach to websites that may be willing to link back to your quality content too, thereby increasing your website’s DA, rankings and traffic over the short, medium and long term.

But you’ll still need quality content that others can link to in order to add value to their audience.

Where can we get backlinks for our SAAS site?

You can get backlinks for your SAAS site from a number of sources including PR mentions, industry publications, industry websites or blogs, and from websites that are currently linking to your competitors.

Providing the links are gained naturally you can consider them to be good quality links.

Links from websites that are within your industry and/or related closely to your niche or services are better for SEO due to ‘relevancy’ (as opposed to a link from a generic business website or directory for example).

SEO for B2B SAAS (as well as B2C) should be about quality over quantity, especially when it comes to backlinks.

Are links from Press Release sites any good?

No, links from press release sites are of little value for SAAS website SEO.


Because they’re easy to get.

Links that are easy to obtain for anyone in your industry or niche should be considered low value links for SEO.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid them, it just means that you shouldn’t expect any SEO ranking improvements as a result of them.

Are Web2.0 sites good for SAAS site rankings?

Web2.0 links are of little value for your SAAS site SEO.

The general rule is that if links are easy to obtain for anyone in your industry, the links are of little value for SEO.

Having said that… an SEO ‘footprint’ for building trust with google can include Web2.0 sites and social media site profile links in general.

Are LinkedIn articles good for SAAS site optimization?

LinkedIn articles can be beneficial as part of your SAAS SEO strategy but the article content you publish on your own website is a lot more valuable for SEO, and you also have full control of your website whereas LinkedIn could change at any moment and even delete your article in a worst-case scenario.

However, LinkedIn articles can be a positive supplement to your website blog posts by drawing readers from within LinkedIn which can then entice them to click across to read the full version of the blog post on your website.

What SAAS backlink strategies are best for boosting DA and rankings?

Effective strategies for SAAS backlinks include guest posting, broken link building, branded image links, resource page links, unlinked mentions… just to name a few.

The problem with all these seo strategies for SAAS backlinking?

They all involve email outreach (also known as ‘begging for backlinks’).

A very time consuming and therefore expensive process. (not to mention the frustration involved)

This is why I don’t do them.

If you add up the time involved in email outreach for backlinks you’re into the hundreds of hours with a thorough campaign.

First, you have to identify your target website(s), build list(s), edit lists, write multiple email scripts to test, hire an email outreach expert, send the emails, monitor email responses, cull the websites that ask for payment, email back and forth with the few that agree to link to you, discuss how they’ll link, discuss where they’ll link… and finally… if you’re extremely lucky they ‘might’ actually link to you.

OR… you could take my approach:

1) Create ridiculously amazing content that INSPIRES people to link to you VOLUNTARILY.

2) They link to you in a natural, organic way (which google likes)

Simple as that.

This is the best SAAS backlink strategy as it’s the simplest, most logical, most predictable and most enjoyable.

And all that time and money saved in not doing email outreach?

You can invest this into creating more valuable content that site owners will link to organically, ongoing.

Snowball effect 🙂


How Do SAAS SEO Professionals Rank SAAS Websites?

In this section I’m going to outline how to improve your SAAS website rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

With good SEO you can scale your SAAS business steadily and predictably so you have a continual stream of new subscribers signing up to your B2C SAAS platform or new leads and clients to your B2B SAAS platform.

If you work with one of the best SAAS SEO consultants available, you’ll increase the speed of your rankings and the quality of your website visitors (and therefore leads and subscribers).

Improving your website rankings and beating competitors for the top spots in google can give you a valuable edge and there’s a few ways you can do just that…


How would a SAAS SEO firm rank our site higher in search engines?

If you work with the best SEO agency for SAAS they will have the experience and results to know how to rank your site high in search engines using content and backlinks.

You can rank your SAAS website higher up in search engines by publishing well-optimized content and increasing quality backlinks to your website.

These two SEO activities are the two most important things to do that influence your website rankings, with content being the most important in influencing your rankings the most.

The expert would conduct thorough keyword research first and foremost that will also include competitor research to ensure appropriate keywords are being targeted.

All businesses are seeking new leads so the emphasis for content should be targeting high-buying-intent keywords.

When you’re ranking for such keywords and pulling in new leads, trial signups and converting those into paying customers, everything flows better across your entire business.

How can SEO SAAS experts help us outrank our competitors?

A SAAS SEO guru can help you outrank competitors if they know how to do ‘proper’ sales-focused, in-depth keyword research, competitor research and create well-optimized content.

These three activities require skill and experience which is how hiring a true SAAS SEO strategist becomes an ‘investment’ for your company rather than an expense.

How to rank a new SAAS site fast?

To boost your SAAS site rankings super-fast, create awesome content that is well-optimized for search engines and highly valuable to your target audience.

Such content includes:

– ‘How to’ information that relates to their business or life (where your service is the obvious solution),

– ‘One stop shop’ posts that put all the info about a topic into one article so that they don’t need to read 10 separate articles across the web to get the answers they’re seeking.

– Comparison/review posts that lines up similar products or services and compares them against standard features for that product or service (making their buying choice easier)

Engaging one of the best SAAS SEO agencies will help ensure you set the right foundation for ranking your site quickly and drawing in your ideal target market.

You can also supplement your blog content with equally valuable YouTube videos, LinkedIn articles and posts and social media posts to get traffic to your blog content sooner which gives search engines ‘page signals’ in advance of normal crawling, indexing and assessing your content.

What is the best type of SAAS link building to boost our website DA?

The best type of backlinks for SAAS sites are links from website that are in the same industry or niche as you’re in.

These links carry more weight or ‘link juice’ with search engines because of ‘relevancy’.

The best link building for SAAS involves high quality AND high relevancy sites linking to you. This is better for your website in terms of credibility and authorativeness with search engines.

These links could be from industry publications, industry magazines, industry blogs, industry event websites and networking organizations.

Should we hire a specialist SEO agency for SAAS to boost our rankings or build an SEO team internally?

Whether you hire a specialist SEO agency for SAAS companies or build an in-house team will primarily depend on cost.

If your budget is tight you have little choice but to hire either a SEO expert directly as an employee or engage the services of an independent SAAS SEO master who has a track record in ranking sites successfully.

The expert will likely be more skilled, experienced and have more runs on the board than a potential employee, simply because they’re out in the world fighting for new clients and surviving and thriving based purely on the results they generate for their clients.

This is not to say that a potential employee doesn’t have the skills to do the job of course.

SAAS SEO agencies will likely charge around $10,000 per month as a minimum as they will have multiple team members contributing their specific expertise (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, etc) as part of the overall SAAS SEO services they offer.

Do our social media profiles help our SEO?

Your social media profiles have little to no effect on your SEO aside from the fact that the ‘no follow’ links from your social media profiles are minor ‘truest signals’ to help show google that you’re a legitimate business.

The main benefit social media has on your SEO is when people see your brand on social media then head across the search in google for your brand.

This is known as a ‘brand query’… and the more brand queries you have is an indication to google that your brand is in demand/popular and trustworthy.

And while this alone won’t rank your website, if google is deciding/comparing your site against a competitor’s site, brand queries will certainly help to push your brand up above other brands, all other things being equal.

BUT… you will still need both foundational SEO and proper/full SEO of your website to even get to the point where brand queries truly ‘move the needle’, SEO-wise.

Getting the right SAAS SEO help and advice from the start will help ensure all your ducks are in a row with relation to content, marketing, cross-promoting and recycling content, along with off-page and technical SEO.

Think of brand queries as icing on the cake, with quality optimized content being the cake itself.

Is it worth ranking or optimizing for Bing?

Going out of your way to optimize your SAAS site for Bing isn’t really worth it purely because Bing’s share of the search ‘pie’ is too small to make it worth focusing time and effort on.

How long will it take a SAAS SEO company to rank our site?

Hiring a dedicated SEO agency for SAAS organizations to rank your website can take anywhere from a few months up to ‘several months’, depending on when they start publishing optimized content on your website or start a backlink acquisition campaign.

If your SAAS site is brand new (with a brand new domain name), your site will be placed initially in google’s ‘sandbox’.

The sandbox prevents sites from ranking or gaining organic traffic in the short term (But your website will still be visible in google when people search your brand name).

It’s google’s way of determining how trustworthy your website is.

(The sandbox was instituted to prevent spammers from launching new websites, ranking quickly and promoting junk products or promoting dodgy links)

The fastest way out of the sandbox is through effective SAAS SEO management and repeating activities that show that you’re a trustworthy business.

This will help you meet google’s EAT requirements (an acronym for: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

These EAT-friendly activities include: publishing quality content, having pages like About Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Contact Us (with an actual physical address and phone number), quality backlinks, PR mentions, and social media profiles.

Once these foundational elements are in place, creating well-optimized content is the best way to rank quickly.

Aside from the sandbox, google gives the timeframe of 4 months to start seeing content take-hold and start generating rankings and traffic for your website.

This is just over one quarter… a good amount of time to create multiple optimized content pieces and have them ranking in succession so you can enjoy a consistent stream of traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Can a SAAS SEO freelancer rank our site faster than a SAAS content marketing agency?

An independent SAAS SEO professional could potentially rank your site and content faster than an agency based on the fact there’s less layers and voices providing input about the best direction to take the website.

An experienced freelancer will know what to do based off previous client work and will just get to work on creating the right content targeting the right keyword(s) and getting it published to the website asap.


The Best SAAS Marketing Strategy To Grow Organically And Increase Subscribers Quickly… Leveraging SEO Content

To promote and market your SAAS website, you have several options, from PPC to social media to PR and SEO.

Some methods will be more effective than others and bring not only more subscribers but better quality customers that stay subscribed over the long term.

So while some SAAS marketing methods may bring a high volume of new member signups, the retention may be shorter, therefore, the quality of these leads is low.

It’s a balance, which is why SAAS marketing should involve several promotional methods, with the big three being PPC, SMM and SEO.

Generally, if the prospect/customer ‘finds you’ of their own accord, they’ll be a better quality subscriber because THEY led the buying process.

Contrast this to seeing your ad where they feel like they’re being ‘sold’, this will consciously or unconsciously bring up sales resistance in the short term and may decrease retention time in the medium term.

Let’s now discuss your various SAAS site marketing options using SEO content along with the pros and cons of each.

SAAS Marketing SEO

How can we leverage SEO content for our other online marketing initiatives?

Knowing how to market SAAS businesses is as easy as leveraging SEO content for video creation, LinkedIn posts or articles, social media posts and even for podcast content.

Because quality SEO means creating quality content, you can easily recycle it into social media posts, inspiring quotes, Q&A’s, niched videos, twitter tweets, Instagram pics, email marketing content and countless other ways.

SEO really does offer the best ROI than any other digital marketing for SAAS when it’s done right and leveraged to the maximum, reducing churn and building subscriber loyalty along the way.

How can we recycle our SAAS SEO content for webinars to connect with our target market?

You can build out an entire webinar from your SEO articles because effective blog posts contain informational and educational content.

You simply need to duplicate the same structure in the webinar flow as you have in the blog post and the text will act as your script when presenting the webinar.

For the webinar slides themselves, it’s best just to have short bullet points which you’ll take from the article text.

You’ll likely need to ‘massage’ the bullet points to keep them concise and interesting.

For images, simply re-use the pics from the blog post.

Repeat this for each large blog post you publish in order to target a new audience or target the same audience in a slightly different way each time.

How can we re-use SEO articles in our email outreach to get high DA SAAS backlinks?

You can re-cycle SEO content with your email outreach by taking your top points, quotes or tips from your blog post and working them into your email outreach script to entice the reader to click through to read your content which will further increase the probability of them WANTING to link to your article because it adds massive value to their audience.

How can we re-purpose SEO content for social media marketing to gain more SAAS subscribers?

You can re-use SEO content for your social media marketing by taking interesting, valuable, engaging tips and points from your blog post and using them as direct text posts or by building them into images that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

This way you don’t have to come up with additional content for your social media posts. Simply re-use what you already have.

And you can also provide the link to the full blog post which can encourage further discovery of your content, leading to more enquires or immediate subscription signups to your SAAS service.

Social media content can also prompt ‘brand searches/brand queries’ by your followers within google which can further boost your SEO as a whole.

How can we re-purpose blog posts for video marketing to gain more SAAS B2B leads (or B2C signups)?

You can easily re-use your SEO articles to create interesting and engaging videos for further marketing and promotion of your SAAS business.

One 6,000 word blog post could be used to create one long video or several small niche videos which can also help rank within google itself (as YouTube videos often rank high in the SERPs).

Because YouTube is owned by google it’s best to re-work the text/script to avoid ‘duplicate content’ issues.

Even better, just use short snippets of info to summarize the blog post content (especially because people have less attention span with videos than they do with reading blog articles).

Think of these videos as ‘trailers’ or teasers to promote your blog post.

Several short one minute videos that answer a burning question or solve an immediate problem for your prospect brings them once step closer to signing up to your SAAS offering.

How can we re-work SEO articles for LinkedIn posts or articles to increase inbound SAAS leads or memberships?

You can easily re-work SEO content to create LinkedIn posts or articles which is especially valuable for B2B SAAS search engine optimization given that LinkedIn is a B2B platform.

You can keep the same theme and flow of the original blog article but make sure you edit each sentence slightly to avoid duplicate content issues.

It may be easier to have a different writer for the LinkedIn posts or articles than the blog article to make the re-working easier.

The post or article should be used as a teaser to trigger readers to click through to read the full article on your website (which helps your overall SEO).

How can we re-use SEO images for image marketing and get more SAAS backlinks, website visitors and subscribers?

You can re-use your branded images from your SEO’d blog posts for any platform, profile or purpose you wish.

For each log post you publish it’s ideal to create your own branded images rather than use all stock photos.

Although it’s not always possible for time or cost reasons, if you can create unique branded images, it’s recommended.

Once you publish them with your blog post you can also use them for social media posts, webinar images, video images and just about any other form of marketing and promotion you engage in.

These images could include: text summary images, infographics, charts, statistics, quotes, unique terminology or anything else you’d like to ‘imagarize’ from your text content.

One primary SEO benefit of creating branded images from your blog content is that they are link-magnets in and of themselves.

People can and will download an image, re-publish it to their own website and link back to your blog post from the image as part of the legal attribution process (and in theory, they should get your written permission to do so before publishing the image to their site).

The more branded images you publish on your site the higher the probability of getting organic backlinks.

How can we leverage our SEO articles for email marketing to convert more contacts into SAAS subscribers on our site?

The articles you publish can be leveraged for email marketing because the informational and educational content you publish on your site can be chopped up into bite-sized content for several emails over a period of days, weeks or months.

Including valuable content within an email helps to improve email open rates and click throughs to website pages or posts as part of the logical next step in the buying process or sales funnel.

How can we re-use blog post content for Public Relations to get more media mentions of our SAAS brand?

You can re-purpose blog article content for public relations by taking the most unique, interesting, engaging or shocking content from your blog article(s) and turn it into a press release that will entice a journalist to either write about your article, about you or your business and hopefully interview you as part of the story.

Try to make it topical to a recent local or world event for relevancy and make sure it ends up in the hands of a relevant journalist who writes about such topics to increase the likelihood of being interviewed.

The more your content can answer burning questions, solve problems, inform and educate your prospects (and therefore intrigue journalists and their readers), the more successful your SEO and overall marketing activities will be.

How can we use our SEO’d content to create better PPC ads and campaigns to get more SAAS website members or leads?

You can use your optimized article content as a form of market research upon which you can create more targeted ads.

Remember, SEO content is founded on keywords that people have typed into google, which means there’s inherent interest.

Therefore the article that is written to support keywords is also of interest to your prospects.

So, you can use certain words, phrases, terminology and jargon from your articles in your PPC ads and campaigns.

It can also help you to segment your campaigns and ads into closely related groups for improved ad optimization.

Comparing a SAAS SEO case study against a PPC case study is the old story of the hare and the tortoise.

While the PPC campaign will bring leads faster, SEO will win the race long term and bring many other flow-on benefits such as industry authorativeness (though top rankings), PR opportunities and hundreds of thousands of prospects finding your site organically.

Are SAAS SEO leads (and subscribers) better quality leads than other digital marketing methods?

Yes, you’ll likely find that SAAS B2B leads or SAAS B2C subscribers that were SEO-generated are of a better quality because SEO isn’t inherently ‘salesy’ (as opposed to PPC for example).

Salesy content doesn’t rank well in search engines, but quality, information-rich content that informs and educates your target market does rank well.

This is where B2B SAAS growth can accelerate quickly, once you know what works where and what doesn’t work for MRR.

The additional, subtle bonus of this type of SEO content is that through informing and educating your target market, you build trust, likeability and interest in your company and your service(s)… leading to increased conversions and long term retention of the customer.

A predictable digital marketing strategy for SAAS is SEO because if it’s done correctly it can bring a reliable stream of leads, subscribers, clients and therefore revenue for your business.

Which SEO services for SAAS will have the biggest impact on our user signups?

The number one SEO service to increase your SAAS subscriptions is the creation of the right type of content and publishing it consistently to your website.

Publishing content that informs and educates your target market, making them feel empowered as part of their research and buying process is the best way to boost SAAS member signups (as well as retain customers for longer too).

Whether it’s enterprise SAAS SEO or business to consumer, search engine optimization can help increase your visibility in search engines, thereby increase traffic to your website and ultimately lead to more subscribers or clients for your SaaS business.

How can we grow our SAAS membership subscriptions organically?

There are several ways to grow your SAAS website subscriber base organically such as rewards programs, referral incentives, group discounts, multiple-person signup bonuses, onboarding referral incentives and SEO.

Even though no form of promotion is completely organic as some work is always involved at one or more stages, let’s just say that some marketing methods are more passive or self-sustaining than others.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy for SAAS for example brings organic traffic to your site but there is upfront work and expense in producing effective content that results in search engine rankings that ultimately generates organic traffic to your site.

The upside of being ‘found’ in search engines by your target market is that the searcher feels like they’re in control (rather than clicking on an ad that they know has a sales pitch coming).

Having your target market feel in control of the buying process helps your conversions, engagement and even retention.

Very powerful.

This is where the organic nature of SEO really takes hold and increases your ROI beyond the initial signup.

Creating effective SEO content that draws in your target market, educates them without ‘selling’ them and leads to a signup, phone appointment, in-person meeting or video chat appointment is the primary goal of SEO and it can have a significant impact on the sustainable growth of your MRR and therefore your company when it’s done right.

Is SEO the best way to promote a SAAS business?

SEO is a powerful way to promote a SAAS company when it’s done right.

If you want new subscriber signups or leads tomorrow, SEO isn’t going to get that done. There’s a lead time of a few months before it ‘kicks in’ and assuming you’re publishing content consistently, then it’s up, up and away from there.

So, with your B2B SAAS growth strategy (and B2C as well), if you take a medium term view (4-8 months) for SEO to take-hold, it can be one of the top ways, if not the best way to grow your SAAS membership base for years to come.

Hiring a dedicated B2B SAAS SEO agency or independent consultant can be extremely beneficial because they won’t have any emotional blind-spots in analyzing, planning or leading your SAAS SEO plan (unlike the company founder or even employees who’s emotions, identity and livelihood are invested in the success of the organization).

Technical SEO:

How Do SAAS SEO Gurus Optimize For Technical Search Engine Optimization?

Getting technical SEO for SAAS right is an important part of your overall SEO planning, implementation and management.

With the introduction of google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) metrics came all-new elements to optimize for to ultimately improve User Experience (UX).

The most important element of technical SAAS SEO is page load speed.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow-loading website, which is why it’s the most important metric in google’s CWV.

With a few minor tweaks to your website code you can stay on the right side of google and more importantly, give you customers and prospects a positive user experience… which can only help your conversions and customer retention for your SAAS service.

SAAS Technical SEO

How can we increase our SAAS website page speed?

You can increase your SAAS page speed by minifying JavaScript, CCS and html as well as lazy loading images, removing render-blocking JavaScript, and decreasing image sizes.

Publishing .webp images to your site is essential to have the smallest possible image size while maintaining image quality.

Lazy loading your images will also help reduce your page load time, thereby improving your Core Web Vitals metrics.

Whether you’ve built your SAAS site using React, Angular, Ruby on Rails or any number of other programming languages, your developer’s SAAS SEO checklist will include checking: compression is enabled, JavaScript is minified, browser caching is leveraged as well as possibly using a content distribution network (CDN) and ensuring you have a premium hosting service.

How can we improve our SAAS site Core Web Vitals metrics to ensure our rankings and traffic aren’t negatively affected?

You can improve your CWV metrics for your SAAS site by reducing image sizes, setting exact height and widths for images, minifying JavaScript, removing render-blocking JavaScript and much more.

Your web developer(s) should be aware of CWV when coding your site to ensure they build your site with CWV best practises in mind.

This will help with not only CWV for SEO but User Experience… which is part of the reason CWV was instituted in the first place.

How can we setup for international SEO for our SAAS platform?

To setup your SAAS site international SEO you first need to decide at what level you want or need to compete SEO-wise.

‘International SEO’ is quite a broad term and can take on many meanings depending on your company goals, your service and your competitors.

If you’re competing at a local level (city/town-level) within one or more countries against other local businesses, then you’ll need a country-specific domain (eg., .ca, to be competitive.

If you’re not competing locally (but still competing at the country-level) then you could either use a subdomain ( or a sub-folder ( structure.

Or if none of these are required you can simply allow for language translation from English to any other language as required.

Deciding on the best site structure for international SEO is closely linked to your company business plan in order to setup correctly from day one.

There are various implications or pros and cons of one structure over another so it really depends on your company’s short term, medium and long term goals before deciding on the best international SEO structure for your SAAS site.

SAAS SEO Expert, Matt Adams

SAAS SEO Experts

Matt Adams is a SAAS SEO specialist helping SAAS organizations worldwide to grow their business through effective SEO that boosts rankings, sucks in traffic and converts prospects into customers.

With a background in real estate sales and sales management, Matt launched into digital marketing in 2008 by building websites for SME’s then expanded into social media marketing and SEO. Matt now specializes entirely on SEO.

With his background in sales, his strategic, sales-focused approach to SEO allows him to rank SAAS websites predictably even in high-competition markets.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a solid understanding of SEO for SAAS businesses and which SAAS SEO practitioner to hire to assure you of predictable rankings as well as how to re-purpose SEO content for videos, PR, SMM and email marketing… you can see the power of SEO as a foundation of your SAAS marketing plan.

SEO really is a one-stop-shop that can build your company’s authorativeness, decimate competitors, and attract quality leads and subscribers… consistently.

And working with the right SAAS SEO specialists can help ensure your site stays strong in the face of search engine algorithm updates so that your company continues to grow while competitors wonder how you do it.

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