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Welcome to our blog where we share information, advice and resources to give you greater knowledge and awareness of SEO and how to increase your website ranking and traffic.

We’ll reveal SEO principles, strategies and techniques that you can implement either independently or with one of our SEO consultants.

We’ll also be sharing insider information such as SEO software, tools and resources that you can either use in-house if you’re working in conjunction with our team.

While SEO is just one aspect of your overall marketing plan, it’s such an important element due to the fact that ‘people find you’, as opposed to you advertising and them feeling like they’re being ‘sold to’… a feeling that few people like.

This psychological advantage often results in SEO leads being higher-converting leads, and that’s the exciting part about SEO and what keeps us passionate about the future of the web 🙂

Thanks for joining us, we look forward to working with you.

Matt Adams
Owner, Paradigm ProjeX

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